Repairing Flood Damaged Drywall

March 29th, 2011

Flood damaged drywallIt’s been a rough winter for Connecticut residents. One of the harshest in recorded history.

We had an unprecedented amount of snow accumulation causing roofs, buildings and fixtures to cave in.

The situation was so serious that on 03/ 03/2011 the Federal Government declared Connecticut a Major Disaster area, making cities and towns around the state eligible for emergency disaster recovery funds.

Then came the rain, and the snow melt presented area residents with yet another set of concerns: floods and flash flood related problems.

At Connecticut Basement Systems, the phones rang off the hook as many area residents, especially in Fairfield, Stamford and Greenwich, had their basements under water. Our crews worked around the clock to help homeowners in the affected areas.

A basement flood is never something that can be taken lightly, but for homeowners with a finished basement, the cost of cleanup and restoration can be enormous and, to make matters worse, most of it might not be covered by their homeowners or even flood insurance.

If the basement is finished with drywall, and if the studs, insulation and drywall aren’t completely dry in 48 hours – and in a basement they hardly dry that quick –  there is a huge chance that mold will start to develop in the areas that came in contact with water.

EverLast Basement Drywall Restoration System

EverLast Basement Drywall Restoration System

If your drywall is moldy and was partially damaged by flood we can help restore it with a new product.

We now offer a revolutionary drywall repair system, that can be installed after the waterproofing. The systems consists in a 100% waterproof, insulated 1/2″ rigid cementitious board cladding, lined with a white & beige-patterned vinyl surface that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

This wall system is created with inorganic materials– materials that will not be damaged by water, and will not support the growth of mold or mildew. Additionally, the EverLast Finished Wall Panels used in this system are fully washable and are 197% stronger than drywall!

It installs at  a 32″ high  with a decorative, inorganic chair rail & baseboard that ties the system beautifully to the existing drywall finish.

By installing the EverLast Drywall Repair System, you not only repair wet drywall damage, you also protect yourself from this problem in the future.

Call us for a free flooded basement repair and ask out representative to show you the EverLast Drywall Repair System.

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