Yard Drainage Solutions

May 2nd, 2011

gutter downspout too close to foundationMany basement leak problems can be prevented or, at least helped, with simple and inexpensive measures.

First, make sure that the soil around the foundation is properly graded. It should slope away from the walls.

If you have concrete sidewalks, a driveway make sure they too are diverting the water away and not towards the house.

Keep in mind that that soil, which was once dug out in order for the basement to be built, is not as compact as the undisturbed portion of the terrain surrounding the area, and tends to settle overtime and might need to be re-graded. It also soaks up more water than the surrounding soil, creating a false water table. In the industry, we call it the “clay bowl effect”, which is the main cause of most basement leaks.

This is why it is very important to keep that area as dry as possible, by providing adequate foundation drainage and properly managing the rain water.

Flowerbeds should not cause the water to pool close to the wall, and plants that need regular watering should be avoided, sprinklers should never be too close, and

downspout extension

Downspout extensions keep gutters from discharging water too close to the foundation walls.

If you have a basement, not having any gutters is a very bad idea. They need to be installed, and kept clean, free of debris and in good working condition.

Likewise, having gutters to capture all the water and snow melt falling from the roof, only to have them pour all that water next to your basement walls is not exactly a good idea if you want a dry basement.

Although we specialize in foundation drainage, we also provide yard drainage solutions, such as downspout extensions and discharge outlets as part of our set of comprehensive solutions to keep your basement dry all the time!

Contact us for a free in-home estimate and ask our home representative for information in all the yard drainage options we offer.

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