Basement Flood: When Mother Nature is Not to Blame

May 18th, 2011

winter snowWhen we think basement flooding, the first thing that comes to mind are torrential downpours, summer storms with thunder and lightning,  knocking down trees and  power lines. Some of us, usually the ones with chronically damp basements, might even think snow melt.

Very few take into consideration that Mother Nature is absolutely not the only one that can cause a basement flood. Truth is that there is no such a thing as a flood safe basement.

Think about it. Your basement is box buried below grade. Any water that gets into it can only get out if pumped upwards.  You can’t rely on gravity to get rid of it.

Pipes run through the basement, and it usually houses water heater tanks and cold water tanks,  as well as washing machines. All of which have the potential to leak and malfunction, putting your basement underwater.

And let’s not forget running toilettes, overflowing sinks, backed up drains and all the small accidents that can happen upstairs and cause water to pour into the basement.

It is not a matter of if, but when your unprotected basement is going to flood.

There are however, a few steps you can take to prevent major disasters.

1- Sump pump system with drain.

sump pump with lid and drainOur sump pumps systems are installed within an airtight container with a drain on the lid. Any water that gets into your basement, regardless of the source will run to the sump drain and the sump pump will get it out of the basement.

2 -Water Alarms

The sooner you know about a water problem, the quicker you can respond to it and prevent disaster. Water alarms are included in our sump pump systems, but in bigger basements or basement with many rooms, we can install additional WaterWatch Floor Alarms to warn you of possible floods.

3- FloodRing for Water Heater Tanks

FloodRing prevents water heater tank leakagesThese tanks are automatically programmed to refill themselves when the water level gets too low, so as they leak, water will continuously poor into the basement, until someone manually shuts down the valve that feeds the tank. The FloodRing, by Basement Systems, will contain the water and divert it to the sump pump, before it floods the basement.

4- FloodCheck Hoses for washing machines

FloodCheck Washing Machine HosesUnless you are turning off the valves every time you finish your laundry, your washing machine hose is pretty much a ticking time bomb. When the machine is not being used, the hose is being continuously subjected to a water pressure of 50psi. Regular hoses are not made to withstand this pressure for too long. So one day, all of a sudden, they burst. And when they do, you can count of 500 galons of water pouring into your basement, per hour.

We actually once serviced a family who came back from a weekend getaway to a basement with water up to the windows! FloodCheck Hoses, are industrial-grade, triple-ply with machined brass end connections. A 20-year warranty ensures your peace of mind for years to come.

After 20 years in the basement waterproofing business we’ve seen pretty much every type of basement flood and all the worst case scenarios you can think of. We are continuously using that experience to develop and provide products that will effectively address and prevent basement flood.

Our goal is to keep basements dry, no matter where the water comes from, and that is what we’ve been doing successfully for the past two decades

Experience the Basement Systems difference. Give us a call and let us amaze you with outstanding service and the best products in the world!

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