Repair Your Crawl Space The Right Way: Avoid These Mistakes

June 20th, 2012

There are many challenges homeowners face to ensure that their house remains safe and comfortable at all times. A crawl space problem is just one of the most common issues homeowners face. This problem often leads to other issues like weakened foundation or insect infestation.

Crawl Space Repair

When facing crawl space problems, it is best to hire a professional crawl space repair contractor, such as North American Basement Systems, right away. Choosing the right contractor and crawl space repair solution is very important. Using improper crawl space methods to solve the problem can lead to more problems and expenses in the future. To avoid this, you need to avoid these common crawl space repair mistakes:

  • Putting additional vents in the crawl space

Most people think that adding more vents into the crawl space will eliminate the moisture in the area. The idea is that the additional vents will force the moisture out of the house. However, the additional vents lead to more moisture in the space. The humid air in the crawl space also moves upward into the house causing the air to become heavy and damp. It is best to ensure that the crawl space is properly encapsulated to lessen the moisture.

  • Spray foaming a damp crawl space

Spray foam insulation is one of the most effective solutions for areas in the house that have moisture problems. But spray foaming a wet or damp crawl space is a bad idea. It traps the moisture and water between the foam and the wall. The tendency is that the moisture moves up and sticks to the foundation of the house. This leads to mold growth and wood rot that can damage the foundation of the house.

  • Using fiberglass insulation to repair a damp crawl space

Insulating damp crawl spaces with fiberglass is another mistake most people make. Fiberglass insulation absorbs water and is more likely to cause mold growth and mildew problems. This is why it is best to hire a professional craw space repair contractor who can assess the problem and offer the right solution.

  • Adding vapor barriers to floor joists

Another crawl space repair mistake is the installation of vapor barriers to the floor joists of the house. The idea behind this is to avoid moisture in the crawl space to seep through the wood. Since cooler surfaces in the house undergo condensation during summer, it will trap the condensation and will cause mold and wood rot to occur.

  • Using the wrong drainage system

Crawl spaces are susceptible to leaks and standing water. To avoid this, you need to install a good drainage system that can drain the water from the space outside. There are different types of drainage systems, so you need to choose carefully. Not all systems can be effective solutions for damp crawl spaces.

There are many solutions to crawl space problems. Selecting the right one can save you time and money. So you need to choose wisely. Before you sign up with any contractor, be sure to compare the different solutions provided by different crawl space repair companies. This will help you choose the right contractor and solution that suits your needs and preferences.

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