Timing is Essential in Foundation Repair

March 5th, 2013

Cracked Brick 8In regards to foundation problems, time is of the essence. Since foundation issues don’t usually occur overnight, homeowners should pay attention to the small things. Small things like cracks in the walls or slab or doors and windows that won’t close properly are usually a sign of something more serious. Most homeowners understand that foundation cracks are a serious problem that only gets worse as time passes. These types of cracks can be accompanied by sections of wall that bow or tip inward.

CarbonArmor Wall System

Carbon Armor reinforces the structurally cracked block or poured concrete walls of the foundation with stronger-than-steel vertical straps to ensure stability over the long term. How many strips are needed will be based upon the severity of your situation and the length of the wall. Next, the strips are embedded in a high strength epoxy resin. The straps lay flush against the wall and will not stretch – eliminating the chance of your walls from continuing bulging.

Advantages of CarbonArmor

  • Permanently stabilizes foundation wall
  • Lowest cost option
  • Fast installation with least disruption
  • Low profile allows straps to be painted or covered to improve basement appearance

Geo-Lock Anchor System

For severely bowing or tilting walls, the Geo-Lock Anchor System may be the answer. With this system, steel rods are anchored deep into more stable soil, well beyond your foundation walls. The anchors are then secured tightly to your wall at each steel plate. The rods are threaded at the wall so that the plates can gradually be tightened against the wall. In many cases the wall can be straightened to its original vertical position.

Advantages of Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System:

  • Best opportunity to straighten wall to its original position
  • Straightening can be done gradually or immediately
  • Less disruptive and expensive than replacing the wall
  • System may be used to repair garage foundation walls damaged by street creep

PowerBrace System

In more severe situations, the PowerBrace Wall Repair System uses I-beams to reinforce and, in some cases, straightening your wall may be the better option. With the PowerBrace Wall Repair System, a bracket and a screw assembly are bolted to framing near the damaged wall. The I-beam is installed between the screw and the wall, and is anchored at the floor. The screw is then turned to force the beam against the wall. Over time, the pressure can force bowed or tilting wall sections back to their original position.

Advantages of PowerBrace System:

  • Less disruptive and expensive than replacing wall
  • Adjustable I-beams allow wall to be straightened over time
  • Anti-corrosion zinc coating keeps components free from rust
  • Neat and clean appearance

Regardless if your home is experiencing structural damage from foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, soil washout, frost, or some other force, there is a solution that is right for your home. With these products you can permanently solve your home’s foundation problem and restore value to your home. Foundations old and new can experience damage from expansive soils, settlement, frost, and other forces. Most foundation issues have simple, permanent repair solutions without the expensive and labor intensive foundation replacement.

Baker’s Waterproofing Co. has served the Tri-State area since 1975 with exceptional service and solutions. Their company has solved thousands of homeowner’s foundation repair and basement seepage problems with quality products, continuous training, and devoted service. Their friendly technicians have an array of patented products at their disposal to fix nearly any foundation problem. Baker’s Waterproofing is a family operated business and is committed to 100% customer satisfaction in all areas of service. If your home is experiencing foundation issues, contact Bakers Waterproofing today for a permanent solution!

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