Leaking Basements

April 5th, 2013

Even though they are in an enclosed room that lies beneath the ground, basements are still extremely susceptible to water intrusion. This type of environment can result in mold, mildew and may even be the results of severe structural damage to the home.  That’s why it’s very important for every homeowner to take extra care of the basement – to avoid the damaging effects that water-related problems can bring to the home. To think that even a very simple mistake trying to repair the basement can cost thousands of dollars, it’s usually best to let the professionals handle this kind of work.

Having your basement waterproofed can prevent the leakage of water or other liquids from entering the home. Once cracks in the concrete are large enough to allow water to pass through, water will begin to accumulate and can end up flooding your entire basement. Problems can start with even the smallest amount of moisture or precipitation. This problem can eventually escalate, leading up to even larger and more significant repairs. If things progress even further, you may actually end up closing off your basement for major structural repairs, which can be extremely costly.

The installation of an exterior foundation drain is one of the best ways for any homeowner to strengthen the basements defense against water intrusion. Exterior foundation drains work especially well in areas that receive heavy precipitation of rainfall or snow. The WaterGuard® Drainage System works by diverting water away from the walls and is the ideal solution for most basement waterproofing applications. Unlike old-fashioned drain tile systems installed on the outside of the home, WaterGuard’s® innovative approach is installed just underneath the perimeter edge of the basement floor.

The DryTrak® Monolithic Floor Drain is another great option for waterproofing your basement. Utilizing a baseboard drainage system, DryTrak® installs just above the floor and along the inside perimeter of the basement walls. If you have a monolithic foundation, meaning that your floor and footing were poured as one piece, this is the only drainage system that’s appropriate for your home. DryTrak® is also the perfect solution for other applications when jackhammering the floor is not an option.

Water can enter your home at any time and through any opening or gap within the foundation. This includes cracks in the walls and floors, as well as pipe penetrations and gaps around basement windows. The FlexiSpan Foundation Crack Repair System is the perfect solution to repair your leaky walls and window cracks. It’s patented, warranted and a permanent solution to basement water problems.

Your basement can be a great asset to the home, providing you and your family with extra living or storage space. Waterproofing the basement can go a long way, by helping maintain this area of your home and keeping it safe from the outdoor elements. The problems presented by the failure of basement waterproofing are not only costly; they can also pose a serious threat to your property and to your entire family. Preventive measures like concrete repair and proper waterproofing should be acknowledged to ensure the safety of the home and the well-being of those you love.

As soon as you discover a problem, get it taken care of immediately – these types of issues don’t go away by themselves! Complete Basement Systems of Colorado is dedicated to helping you discover the source of your home’s water problems and the proper solution to repair it. With years of experience, their highly trained team is proficient in dealing with any of your Denver metro basement waterproofing concerns. Contact them today!

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