Foundation Cracks Can Create a Real Mess

April 17th, 2013

Have you ever noticed a small crack in one of your windows, only to realize that in no time at all, it’s a huge crack, all the way across, with water that leaks through when it rains? If only you could have had that small crack fixed when it first started. You would not have had to deal with the mess that it has now caused in your home and your life. It’s the same concept with a crack in your home’s foundation. It starts off as a small crack in the corner of your basement, and in no time at all, you have water seepage, mold and buckling.

Foundation crack repair is very important. The integrity of your home’s foundation can be greatly compromised if small cracks are ignored. Water will enter your home through the cracks in the walls, floors and even around your pipes. One problem that homeowners often face is the challenge of stopping the water from rising and seeping through the cracked basement floor. There is a tried and true solution for such a problem, simply by adding a perimeter drainage system.

The experts at ProSeal Basement Systems know how to help fix your Greater Billings foundation! They use crack repair systems based on time-tested and best practices in the industry. In many cases, a simple repair is all that is needed to remedy the problem. Foundation repair is an affordable solution for foundation cracks. Many homeowners tend to ignore the cracks, because they either believe they are simply “nothing to worry about” or they worry about how much it will cost to replace part of the foundation. In most cases, repairing the foundation is a very safe and affordable solution and foundation replacement is not necessary.

The team at ProSeal will assess the damage created by the cracks in your foundation, and they will provide the best possible solutions to repair the damage. Calling a professional at the onset of problems will save you from bigger and more costly repairs in the future. They will conduct a professional assessment to find the source of the problem.

The experts at ProSeal are trained and certified professionals in their field. They have years of combined experience, which makes them the trusted foundation specialists. They use quality products to provide an overall customer satisfaction experience. They will stand behind their commitment to do the job right!

ProSeal Basement Systems proudly serves Roundup, Red Lodge, Columbus, Shepherd, Joliet, Park City, White Sulphur Springs and surrounding areas throughout their Montana service area.

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