Prevent Toxic Mold from Invading Your Home

June 11th, 2013

Did you know that breathing in mold spores can be toxic to your body? Inhaling large quantities of mold spores can lead to severe breathing problems, such as asthma, respiratory infections, severe allergies and even toxicity in the body. Prolonged exposure to these toxins will lead to illnesses; which, if untreated for long periods of time may be too late to reverse the damage.

Does your home show signs of mold build-up? Is there a “whitish film” all over the walls, beams and even items stored in your basement? Does some of this film appear to be turning thick and black in some areas? Is the crawlspace of your home considered “the land of the scary?” If so, you know that there is a problem and you know that its mold. The smell is there, the signs are there, it’s musty, moldy and even damp. Most of the time, homeowners will take the reactionary approach. They will usually wait until someone in the home is very sick and then they decide to act. Some will even try to “fix it” themselves.

Waiting until someone in the home is sick is not the answer. This means the indoor air quality is severely contaminated and in some instances, toxic. The American Lung Association has reported that the number of individuals suffering from respiratory illness is higher than ever. The contributing factor(s) may very well be the poor air quality inside the home.

Ignoring the warning signs of mold in the home can lead to irreversible property damage, as well. Mold will grow when moisture exists. This means it can grow where there are leaks and prolonged damp areas, such as crawl spaces and wet basements. If the problem is left untreated for periods of time, the mold growth can spread to other areas of the home, covering pipes, beams, as well as inside the walls of the living space. In severe cases, the homeowners need to leave the home in order for the repairs to be made. In these situations, black toxic mold can be present, and breathing the air can be toxic to the body.

The experts at Basement Systems of New York, have years of professional experience in this field and they will provide permanent, safe solutions to clean and eliminate mold in your basement. They are professionally trained technicians who will clean the area, and provide a customized plan for your specific problem. The number one recommendation is to lower the humidity level in your basement, and they can help do that by installing a strong dehumidifier, such as the SaniDry system.

The SaniDry dehumidifier is Energy Star rated and it is the perfect solution for your basement and crawl space. It contains an air filter which will remove small dangerous particles from the air, and prevents mold from growing and spreading.

Whether your problem is big or small, contact the experts today. Be proactive instead of reactive, isn’t the well being of your family worth it?

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