Why You Don’t Need a Plumber to Replace, Repair or Maintain Your Sump Pump

August 15th, 2013

Waterproofing knowledge trumps pipe-soldering knowledge when it comes to your sump pump

What can go wrong with a sump pump?

A basement waterproofing specialist will be more familiar with sump pump problems than a plumber. Problems like these can lead to basement flooding.

  • Too much water. Many standard sump pumps simply don’t have the pumping capacity that’s required during heavy rains and storms. An overworked pump will eventually overheat and stop working.
  • Clogging. A poorly designed sump pump installation will be more prone to clogging, which can cause motor burnout.
  • Float switch malfunction. A cheap, hollow ball-type float switch can sink or snag, preventing the pump from operating when it should.
  • Poor quality components. Plastic housings used on inexpensive sump pumps aren’t as stable or durable as cast-iron housings, and are associated with short pump longevity.

Your sump pump is important. In fact, it’s the most critical component in a basement waterproofing system. That’s why you don’t want to call in the wrong contractor to make sure your sump pump is working properly, or to fix or replace an ailing sump pump.

Plumbers know sump pumps…

Plumbers deal with pumps on a regular basis. They can tell when a well pump is having problems. Most plumbers know how to replace the pump in a jetted tub, and how to unclog a dishwasher that isn’t pumping out properly.

…but basement waterproofing specialists know them better.

A basement waterproofing contractor knows a great deal about one type of pump: the sump pump. Placing the sump pump in the sump liner, wiring the pump and testing the system are among the final tasks in a typical basement waterproofing job. But the waterproofing contractor also gets called back when basement water isn’t being pumped outside effectively, or when there’s any problem with the system. In short, he knows everything that can go wrong and how to fix it.

What many homeowners appreciate about dealing with a waterproofing contractor with regard to sump pump issues is the contractor’s familiarity with different sump pump options and systems. For example, the increasing frequency of power outages has caused a corresponding increase in requests for sump pumps that include battery backup capability. A self-contained battery backup system for a sump pump –the TripleSafe® sump pump system from Basement Systems is a good example—will keep working when grid-supplied electricity isn’t available. You don’t need an expensive generator to keep your basement dry when the power’s out; a TripleSafe® system will do the job.

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