Larry Janesky Shares Award with Community

August 19th, 2013
Larry Janesky shared his award with Valley United Way with this check presentation to Jack Walsh under the Basement Systems “Umbrella”. (photo via: When you see Larry Janesky’s signature picture holding that big umbrella you immediately think about the fantastic basement waterproofing services that he offers along with several… Read More »

Why You Don’t Need a Plumber to Replace, Repair or Maintain Your Sump Pump

August 15th, 2013
Waterproofing knowledge trumps pipe-soldering knowledge when it comes to your sump pump What can go wrong with a sump pump? A basement waterproofing specialist will be more familiar with sump pump problems than a plumber. Problems like these can lead to basement flooding. Too much water. Many standard sump pumps… Read More »

Prevent Toxic Mold from Invading Your Home

June 11th, 2013
Did you know that breathing in mold spores can be toxic to your body? Inhaling large quantities of mold spores can lead to severe breathing problems, such as asthma, respiratory infections, severe allergies and even toxicity in the body. Prolonged exposure to these toxins will lead to illnesses; which, if… Read More »

Bowing Walls Can Mean Serious Business

May 29th, 2013
Have the walls of your foundation started to look a little lumpy? Do they look like they are actually starting to bow? Have you noticed cracks in your foundation?  The only way to prevent further damage is to have your foundation inspected by professional who can assess the structural… Read More »

Your Crawl Space Can Have an Impact on Your Health

April 22nd, 2013
Some homeowners don’t realize how important the crawl space beneath their home is in regards to their family’s health and the energy efficiency of their home. A lot of us actually forget it’s there until that damp musty smell starts to invade the rest of the home. Most homeowners would… Read More »