Are you Flood Smart?

April 4th, 2011

This was the year in which many homeowners, especially in the Northeast, learned a tough lesson the hard way.

When it comes to flood safety, there is hardly a home in the U.S. that sits in an absolutely flood-free zone. And if the home happens to have a basement, it is not even a matter of if, but when the basement is going to flood. Mother nature is not the only one that can get it under water.

A single inch of water in a basement, especially in a finished one, can cause thousands of dollars in damages.

How much? This little calculator, from, will give you an idea of just how much a flooded basement can cost.

To make matters worse, many times homeowners are faced with a harsh reality: typical homeowners insurance doesn’t pay for flood damage. Unless they have flood insurance, the homeowners will have to cough up the money themselves. In zones that are at high risk for floods, flood insurance is mandatory.

However, keep in mind that, according to FEMA, about 25% of all claims paid by the NFIP were for policies in moderate-to-low risk communities, last year. Reason why every one who owns a home should invest in flood insurance.

Mother Nature is growing more unpredictable every year, and although, in most cases you can apply for Federal assistance, if victimized by a natural disaster, it is hardly the best course of action. explains why:

“Federal disaster assistance is usually a loan that must be paid back with interest. For a $50,000 loan at 4% interest, your monthly payment would be around $240 a month ($2,880 a year) for 30 years. Compare that to a $100,000 flood insurance premium, which is about $400 a year ($33 a month).”

Keep in mind that there is 30 days waiting period after purchase for a policy to take effect, so it’s important to buy insurance before the floodwaters start to rise.

Having your basement waterproofed and flood protected with a good drainage and sump pump system is also a great way to prevent basement flooding from ruining your finances. For a fraction of the cost you would pay to have your flooded basement cleaned up and restored, you can have a WaterGuard internal perimeter drainage system installed, complete with a TripleSafe Sump Pump System: the only system in the industry capable of reducing the odds of a basement flood to statistical insignificance.

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