Basement Flooding and Faulty Plumbing

February 4th, 2013

Have you ever walked into your basement to find that there has been a major leak and flooding only to discover it is due to faulty plumbing? Ever wonder if there is someone out there who can help to fix and restore your property?

Basement flooding due to plumbing failure occurs more than you think. Once you have fixed the plumbing, you are only half way to solving your problems. This time of year, due to the cold weather, pipes tend to burst very easily. Aside from the pipes bursting, there can be other factors that contribute to plumbing failure. Whatever the case, there are instances in which the homeowner will not discover the flood problem right away.

The damage will occur in the walls, floors and everything in between. The flood waters and added dampness will allow mold to form and to spread leaving behind dangerous long-term health issues. This can be a “growing” problem.

Rod Martin and his team at Complete Basement Systems of CO, leading industry experts, offer fast, simple and inexpensive solutions for your basement flooding problems. They will offer a variety of solutions to help prevent another plumbing disaster in your home.

Some of the most common plumbing problems occur due to faulty hoses, sump-pump failure and leaky water heaters. The team at Complete Basement Systems of CO has effective solutions for each of these common problems. They will assess the damage and go to work quickly to restore your basement to its original state. They have been using quality products for over 20 years.

Customers are satisfied with the experts at Complete because they offer quality products, fast installation, experienced crews, cost effective systems, locally owned and operated contractors, and free waterproofing quotes. The most impressive compliment is that other companies strive to compete with the team at Complete Basement Systems; however, they pale in comparison.

What the customers have to say:
“I was sure CBS was the company to do the job after emailing and talking on the phone with Rod!”
-Demary H., Littleton CO

“Very considerate and hard working. You are lucky to have them working for you.”
-Kori G., Wheat Ridge, CO

Complete Basement Systems of CO is a proud member of Tom Martino’s Troubleshooter Network. Service area includes: Metro Denver, Aurora, Littleton and the surrounding area.

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