Humidity Control and Your Crawl Space

April 5th, 2013

One of the most challenging things for a homeowner is keeping their crawlspace dry and odor-free. A lot of crawlspaces are left unfinished with bare dirt floors and exposed walls. More often than not, these areas are left with no heating or cooling source, which can lead to moisture problems. If humidity is not controlled properly, your crawl space can become a breeding ground for bacteria like mold, mildew or other moisture concerns that can eventually spread to other areas of your home including your foundation.

Excessive moisture in your crawlspace can contribute to wood rot, mold growth and pest infestation. All of these can wreck havoc with your property’s structural integrity. CleanSpace products are specifically designed to prevent crawl space moisture by encapsulating your crawl space with a vapor barrier. The CleanSpace crawl space liner is a durable liner that you or any service technician can crawl on with no fear of it coming off the walls or of it tearing. The vapor barrier features an anti-microbial agent that will kill any mold or bacteria that it comes in contact with. The crawlspace vent cover and crawlspace door are tough and all plastic, as is the rest of the CleanSpace system. This means they will never need to be painted, and won’t rot or grow mold. The system is also a proven method of crawl space pest control.

In some cases, the added moisture could be from inadequate ventilation. This can be solved with a dehumidifier. An Energy Star-rated dehumidifier unit like the SaniDry XP™ Basement Air System will help to reduce the moisture in your basement and provide you with an added benefit of lowering your energy bill. This model can easily be stored in a corner or closet and removes up to 109 liters of water per day. With filters that remove particles in the air down to 2 microns in size, including mold spores, dust and dust mite droppings (America’s leading allergen) and an optional carbon filter to help eliminate odors in your basement, it’s the only dehumidifier you’ll ever need.

Some basements may require a sump pump system to handle any moisture issues.  The patented TripleSafe Sump Pump System by Basement Systems has three pumps to respond to the three most prevalent problems that home owners experience with waterproofing systems that fail. If the first pump fails, the second one takes over. If the first pump becomes overwhelmed, the second pump will kick on and together can pump out over 6,200 gallons of water per hour.

Another option to help keep the water or moisture from entering your basement is the innovative FlexiSpan System for any existing wall cracks. This patented crack repair method eliminates epoxy or urethane injections. FlexiSpan first seals the crack with a tough, extremely flexible sealant that will stop most of the water from seeping in through the crack. A second line of defense over this sealant is a beveled foam layer, which would drain any small amount of additional seepage down into your drainage system or into a small drywell created under the basement floor.

Moisture in your crawl space from high humidity levels is never a good thing. Don’t let harmful bacteria, rot or pests destroy your home.

Tired of your musty, damp crawl space? Indoor Environmental Management is a basement waterproofing and crawl space repair contractor with experience solving crawl space moisture issues throughout Greater Jacksonville, Florida. They also provide mold remediation, sump pump installation and environment assessment services.

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