Eliminate Residual Moisture After Burst Pipes or Plumbing Failures

February 9th, 2016

bursting pipeBasements house all kinds of water supplies, pipes, and appliances that make them extremely vulnerable to flooding. Burst pipes and plumbing leaks can cause a ton of damage to a basement. But pumping out the excess water and repairing the leaky pipe is only the first step to a completely waterproof basement.

If you don’t properly dry out the moisture in the environment, you’ll be stuck with a damp, moldy basement for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, any good waterproofing contractor has a few solutions to restore and improve your basement after a plumbing failure. Here are some tips that might be helpful to prevent mold and mildew growth and promote a healthy basement environment:

Dehumidify. When a pipe bursts or leaks catastrophically, moisture gets into the air and perpetuates dampness. A basement dehumidifier has the capacity to completely dry out the air in the room, which will help keep mold away and make your basement environment more pleasant overall. SaniDry humidifiers also filter the air at the same time, giving your basement cleaner as well as less humid air.

Replace organic materials. If water has soaked into wood, carpeting, or drywall in your basement, it’s probably a good idea to have these materials replaced. Organic materials promote the growth of mold and are not suited for a basement environment, but inorganic wall and floor options exist that are designed with the needs of the basement in mind.

Invest in safety precautions for the future. Was your basement flood caused by a water heater malfunction or a washer hose that broke down under pressure? Special products exist to help keep your appliances doing their jobs. You can buy washer hose replacements that can better withstand water pressure; you can also install a water heater FloodRing that can alert you if your water heater is leaking and prevent another catastrophic flood.

As long as you take steps to fully dry out your basement after a plumbing failure or burst pipe, you’ll minimize long-term damage and give yourself a more usable basement for the future!

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