Halifax Basement Systems

April 1st, 2013
The basement is a crucial part of a home. Though most consider the living room or the kitchen to be the most important, basements can also serve as a great family area, a craft room or a man cave. What a homeowner needs to keep in mind is that the… Read More »

PolyLEVEL Could Be the Answer to Your Concrete Woes

April 1st, 2013
While concrete is a weighty material, even more so are the vehicles and structures that reside upon them. Sometimes, the mutual weight of the concrete and the structure that it’s supporting can cause soil settlement to occur. Once the soil beneath the concrete compresses, dangerous conditions can and will start… Read More »

Cantey Foundation Specialists

March 19th, 2013
Do you have foundation problems? Are your windows and doors the kind that stick each time they are opened and closed? Are there cracks in your walls, or the foundation of your home? Are there cracks on the inside of your home, above the windows and doors? If you have… Read More »

Slabjacking May Be the Answer

March 18th, 2013
Over a period of time the concrete around your home may start to sink, tilt or settle in spots. Slab jacking is the process of pumping a mortar-based mixture under a concrete slab in order to lift it. The mortar, or “slurry,” hardens and secures the concrete slab in place.… Read More »

What is Lurking in Your Basement?

March 15th, 2013
When was the last time you visited your basement? Was it damp, wet, gross, and dirty, and musty smelling? Was there green and black mold growing on the walls? Is your basement just a “cave” of a dingy space? Does it flood easily each time there is a rain or… Read More »